Skittle Alley Hire
(minimum of 10 people)

The Bull Inn is pleased to offer you private use of our skittle alley with a package tailored to your needs.

Skittle Alley Hire Charge
£20, free if you are taking a barrel or food package with us.

Barrel Packages

(minimum 14 day notice)
£180 for Real Ale Barrel (approx 72 pints) from a choice of:
Yeovil Ales, Lynx Wildcat
Yeovil Ales Stargazer
Sharps, Doom Bar
St Austell Brewery, Tribute
£90 for Cider (approx 35 pints) from a choice of:
Thatcher’s Heritage
Weston’s, Rosie’s pig

Food Options

(prices per head, minimum 5 days notice)
Sandwiches and chips £4
Sausage and chips £2.50
Curry and rice with poppadom, naan and chutney £6.50
Lasagne, chips and garlic bread £6.50
Chilli rice and chips £6.50
This is served up in the skittle alley via the buffet bar.

If you would like a different menu or barrel choice we are happy to provide you with a price for your requirements