Buffet Menu

Standard buffet selection is £7.75 per person which includes:

Sausage rolls
Pizza selection
Chicken drumsticks
A mix of crisps & nuts

Additional items can be added which are charged at £1.25 per person, per item. They consist of the following:

Tandoori chicken wings

Deep fried brie with red currant jelly

Deep fried potato skins


Selection of quiche

Vegetable samosas

Plaice Goujons

Crudities & 3 dips

Selection of vol au vonts

Pork pies

Onion Bhaji

Mini oriental spring rolls

Thai vegetable money bags


Fork buffet selection is £14.75 per person which includes:




Choose 3 of the following:


Potato salad, cucumber and tomato salad, rice salad, Cous Cous, waldorf salad, three leaf salad, Caesar salad or coleslaw salad




Choose 2 of the following:


Chilli con carne, Chicken Tikka, Lasagne, Beef & ale stew, Coq Au Vin, Pork & cider casserole, Salmon in white wine & cucumber, Dressed salmon, Dressed ham, Selection of cold meats, Cheese board








Side orders & desserts are available on both buffet menus